Some pages from my art journal…


This page was from our trip to Las Vegas… I glued down an envelope, watercolor painted it and then put a more detailed journal of our trip inside. The 3 is representative of our third anniversary, which was the reason for this trip.


This page is all about the delicious food we had on our trip… Jean Philippe had the most delicious crepes & macarons! Also, I discovered the fun of watercoloring on a napkin. If you haven’t tried it… You should!!! We stayed at the Aria and had Lemongrass Thai the last night we were there. Don’t order a level 6 spiciness at a Thai restaurant if you don’t want third degree burns on your tongue! The food was incredible though. Dessert was my favorite! Tasted like Cap’n Crunch…


Here’s a close up of my water colored napkin! Love it.

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