A Glimpse into My First “Art Journal”

I have had a sketchbook my whole life, but I feel like I just got started “officially” art journaling about a year ago. I was super pregnant and my dad’s house (my childhood home) burned to the ground. I felt like documenting these life changes was important so that I could look back and have a visual reminder. I don’t know if I will ever be a “traditional” scrapbooker if there is such a thing, but this is definitely my version of scrapbooking.

Before & After Picture
Before & After Picture

My dad’s house burned down in a Nebraska forest fire (The West Ash fire). He had been hiking in a mountain range with no cell phone service up to the day prior to the fire taking over his house. So glad he at least made it back before it completely burned.

Before & After
Before & After
This is my younger sister taking a quick break for lunch.
This is my younger sister taking a quick break for lunch.

After leaving the Broken Plow (where my childhood home was), we headed up to the Black Hills (where my mom lives) for a visit. There, we took an 1880 train ride which was gorgeous!

1880 Train

The weekend following all of the excitement of our Nebraska/South Dakota trip, it was time for my baby shower!

Loved my cake!!!
Loved my cake!!!
33 weeks pregnant
33 weeks pregnant

A week after my dad’s house burned down, he came to stay with us & then the mountain in Casper, lit on fire…

Sheepherder Fire

A week later, the Sheepherder Fire was 100% contained. With fall upon us, we had friends come visit and headed out to check out the Green Acres corn maze. The background pic is actually how the maze was shaped. We got lost in there, but not too badly!

Corn Maze

Fall in Wyoming is gorgeous & here are a few pages devoted to that:

35 Weeks Pregnant


That’s enough for today! To be continued…

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