Bozeman, Montana Road Trip & Adventure

This last Friday morning, in the midst of Casper’s first serious snowfall of the year, my dad & I took to the road towards Montana.  The roads were pretty horrific for awhile, but once we made it through the storm, we had an incredible trip! When we first arrived we decided to take a walk & we saw Bozeman’s gorgeous community garden…ImageImageImage


There’s just something about gardens that I just love!  From there, we walked through some of the old neighborhoods around campus… Such pretty homes & landscaping.  This black house with white trim looked incredible awesome (pretty sure my picture does it no justice).



The campus is really pretty too! I especially liked the duck pond, the sculptures and the campus bookstore (such good deals on Micron pens – $15 for 8!).


Next stop was the International Coffee Traders.  I loved their concrete table tops & my Matte Latte was absolutely incredible (as was all the lattes I had in Bozeman).


Next stop was Montana Ale Works for dinner…. Such good food & drinks!  Their specials all sounded so yummy & the ribs were to die for…


Next up was one of my favorite hot springs of all time – The Norris Hot Springs are so incredible.  They serve food, alcohol & have live music.  Such a neat place to hang out.  My only complaint is that they got pretty busy as it got later.


That was all in the first day… What an adventure!  I love Montana! Stay tuned for the rest of trip….


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