Wallpaper Remix

When we stayed at the Armstrong Hotel in Fort Collins, Colorado, we absolutely loved the atmosphere… and the wallpaper.

The wallpaper inspired me to attempt to replicate it (in Bri style) for the back of some book shelves Cassie’s re-facing and tiling for Funky Junk coming up May 15…

My favorite part about the Armstrong was the (must have been manager) that called me by my full name like a best friend would and recognized me. She was so welcoming.

The speakeasy in the basement had the best appetizers and they even gave us some spray lavender hand sanitizer in a glass bottle that she gave me. We had a blast playing Battleship together and we should have taken advantage of the free bikes available. Can’t wait to go back.

A few more pics…

I have to create something cool like that wallpaper so here’s what I’m working on:

And of course, I’m Bri-ifying it, so I’ll post the final product soon.

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